Hello. Eva is a 4-year-old girl. Eva is not ready to start summer playing or making vacation plans. Eva is currently in hospital diagnosed with malignant nephroblastoma on both kidneys. The odds are good, there are not metastases, so surgery may help Eva play and smile next summer.
Please be kind to help Eva's mother afford to pay everything that such surgery implies: transport to the chosen country (there are great chances to be Turkey) the cost of medical examinations, hospital admission, translators and all that is needed! Estimatingly, we do not know the costs of everything yet, as Ramona still has to receive responses. But we just assume it will be a lot.
We will come back with the medical records that will prove the authenticity of facts, but at the moment we can barely get the diagnosis and it will take some time untill the papers come in electronically, Eve's mother is now being hospitalised with Eve and processing the news right now is difficult to gather and organize everything.
Every help, how small, counts!
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Thank you for your support, attention, everything matters, including a good thought!

Meet Eva

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